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Creating a Custom Gatherer for the SharePoint 2010 Activity Feed

Pulling a Rich Text Field from a SharePoint List into An InfoPath 2010 Form

Ultimate Personal Search Engine

ViewFormPagesLockdown for SharePoint Foundation 2010

Comment Engine Change (again)

Mindmap from SPIN Meeting 2011-03-16

Creating a Site Collection Term Store Group

SPS Chicago Presentation and Stuff

Programmatically Setting Navigation Order in a MOSS Publishing Site

Resources from my DevLink 2010 Session

Running CKS:EBE 3.0 on SharePoint Foundation 2010

IndyTechFest Presentation and Sample Code

SPS DC Reflections

SPS Huntsville Mindmaps

SPS Charlotte Presentation Resources

Speaking at SPS Charlotte in April

Microsoft Morning Perk Presentation Recap

SharePoint Saturday Indianapolis Recap

Mindmap and CodeSamples from nSpin

Kevin's Speaking Engagements in January

CKS:EBE Customization Screencast

JS Injection for SharePoint List Forms

Benefits of Micro-Blogging in the Enterprise

DevLink 2009 Thanks!

SharePoint Search Crawler Content Access Issues

JS-Kit Echo on SharePoint

New MS Advert: Lauren Laptop Shopping

A Voice from the Past (my own)


Human Powered Business Intelligence

Musings on Agile Contracts

Googles New Cloud OS (gOS)

Replace your but's with and...so's

On Being Disconnected...

Success in 8 Words

Typemock Isolator for SharePoint

Pointer Fun with Binky

Java and MSN - What the...?

Windows Live Sync

Medical Methodologies Are Mostly Agile

DeepZoom Possibilities

Microsoft BizSpark

Number Symmetry

Wikihow and Juggling


Give Up and Use Tables

MOSS WCM Perscriptive Guidance

Yes Perceptions CAN be Wrong

Data Services Learning Path

Recommended PDC Videos

PDC Day 4

PDC Day 3

PDC Day 2

PDC Day 1

PDC Day 0

Welcome to the Kick Board!

Microsoft to Show Office 14 at PDC

The Machine is Us

Will MS Buy BlackBerry?

Kevin's Podcast Roll

Kevin's Web 2.0 Book Flow

Not What I Meant

Foldershare Beta

Advertising Mashup

Old School vs. Neo Marketing

Visual Studio 10 Videos

The Changing Times

The Current State of Unit Testing Tools


Guide to Free Microsoft Software

Twitter on the Kick Board

Refactoring Needless Complexity

Periodic Table of the Internet

StackOverflow Launched (Public Beta)

Did you know?

Ice Cream and Social Media

Finally! MS Marketing Responds

Ambassador Studios Napkin Vision

Not a mockup or prototype...

Making of The Kick Board Part 3


Making of The Kick Board Part 2

Making of The Kick Board Part 1

Great PDC "Ad"

Discovering Your Relationship Topology

Management vs. Leadership

Paired Programming Revisited

Agile Dev. Related to Juggling?

Juggling as a Learning Experience

No Design Teams of One

Leadership from Behind

Search Icons Missing and Found

Creating a Base PowerShell Profile for SharePoint

RunWithElevatedPrivileges and SPContext

TechEd Themes

SPWeb PropertyBag

Overcoming Challenges

Pennies and Opportunity Risk

Using Site Templates for Root Sites

A True "Admin" User in MOSS

MOSS Profile Field Aggregator

Moving MOSS Databases

How we read...


Flatland: The Movie


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